Success Stories

I discovered Kix 4 Chix through Angela Veltri, current owner and operator extraordinaire.  Unknown to me, kickboxing would quickly become a welcome release from a busy life of working full time and raising four children.  While some other workouts can be daunting, a one hour class at Kix 4 Chix is a fun way to get strong, in shape and meet other fabulous women.


I endured a monumental loss in April of 2009 – I lost my father and grandmother in the same car accident. It is an irrefutable fact that life includes pain; although the pain of losing two people I loved dearly to something that could have been prevented was excruciating.  Overwhelmed with grief, anger, frustration and sadness I was desperate to find away to release all the negative energy that was accumulating inside of me. Meditation & yoga were already common practices of mine, but I was too restless to sit still. I heard about Kix 4 Chix and decided to give it a try. By the end of my first class, all my emotional & psychological stress was released; and immediately I was hooked. Kickboxing at Kix 4 Chix has become a powerful coping mechanism for me; not just for dealing with the death of my loved ones, but for any kind of stress I face in my everyday life.

I highly recommend trying it out; what have you got to lose? It’s more about what you can gain: extreme health benefits, a fun and inviting atmosphere that presents the opportunity to meet amazing, supportive women who become friends for life, a sense of empowerment, & a
way to exude toxic energy.  Experience the difference coming to Kix 4 Chix can do for you. You won’t be disappointed.