Pricing and Schedule

Class Times – Summer 2017*


6:30-7:30pm  – BEGINNERS CLASS




10:00-11:00am – CO-ED CLASS

*Summer schedule from June 5th – September 8th, 2017


Drop in = $15 + GST
5 Class Punch Card = $55 + GST
10 Class Punch Card = $105 + GST
1 Month Unlimited Classes = $97 +GST
3 Month Unlimited Classes = $90/month + GST
6 Month Unlimited classes = $80/month + GST
12 Month Unlimited Classes = $75/months + GST

***Student receive 15% off with a valid ID card***

Monthly memberships may be accepted with a VOID cheque or with your banking information. Cash, credit, debit are also accepted on all transactions. Please note that all memberships are transferable but non-refundable.

Classes run Monday – Saturday and are one hour in length. The first 15 minutes are a joint rotation with warm-up exercises, followed by 30 minutes of bag work with a partner (Instructors will pair you up, no need to bring a partner) and finally a 15 minute cool-down which includes a strength exercise of a different body part each day.

All you need to bring to your first class is a water bottle and wear comfortable, work-out clothing. Hand gear will be provided for your first class. It is recommended for hygienic purposes that you purchase your own wraps or gloves which are available for sale at the studio.

Classes are designed for an intense and satisfying workout for women of all fitness levels and body types. You can burn up to 1000 calories per class if you challenge yourself to obtain this level of fitness. The great part about the program is that you go to your own pace and comfort level, and our Instructors are there to push you to achieve your maximum output. There are no expectations or pressure to do any more than your best.

Your first class

Your first class is free (not including co-ed or youth classes). This is an opportunity to try out a class without any pressure. Just show up for any of the scheduled classes and fill out a waiver. You can attend a Beginner’s class to start but this is not mandatory. Each class is tailored to an individual’s skill and fitness level, beginner’s classes focus on technique and are slower paced and a great way to get introduced to kickboxing.

You will learn the basic strikes and how to execute them with safe and proper technique. As you progress with each class, you will learn to challenge yourself to where you are comfortable pushing yourself to a higher skill and fitness level.

Co-ed, Beginner’s & Youth Classes

Co-ed classes are held on Thursdays at 6:30pm and Saturday at 10:00am and are open to members, non-members and men. You do not need to be part of a “couple” to come. 5 & 10 punch cards are available or a $15 Drop-in fee. *It is recommended that you purchase your own hand gear if you are a regular attendee for hygienic purposes.

Beginner’s classes are an introductory class for women who have not kick-boxed previously and are looking for a more technique-focused class to start at Kix 4 Chix. Beginner’s classes are not mandatory; we will treat any new member as a beginner at any class on the schedule.

Youth classes are held Wednesdays at 4:00pm – 5:00pm and are for girls aged 11-17* and are designed for younger women looking for an introduction to kickboxing with girls their same age. *Some exceptions can be made to age limit.