Kix 4 Chix was created in 2005 by Nicole Neuert, who currently operates the Kix 4 Chix in Williams Lake. Nicole’s vision was for a non-competitive, ladies-only kickboxing program where women and girls of every size, shape and ability are welcomed, inspired and embraced by all.

The new and improved Kamloops location re-opened in September 2011 with a new owner, Angela Veltri, and has been going strong ever since. Many women in Kamloops have already tried and tested the program and are hooked. Kickboxing is addictive and is a great way to relieve stress while getting a great workout and learning a valuable physical skill. An all-women environment provides a level of comfort while creating meaningful and lasting friendships.

For franchise opportunities, please contact Nicole Neuert at (250) 267-1672 or Nic@kix4chix.ca